Welcome to NHM International

We are a network of like-minded individuals and ministries dedicated to the discipling of all nations...

Working Together

We work in quite a few countries. Join our network to join forces to work AND learn together for the expansion of the kingdom.

Online and Seminars

We run leadership seminars both, in real live as well as in the virtual world. Additionally, we have an eLearning site where workers can receive training.

Mind Shifts

How we understand our world, the church, and missions will hugely impact on what we do! We believe that in order to be effective, we need to re-adjust wrong paradigms and adopt proper ones!

New Horizons Ministries

We are not your traditional missions organisation, sending missionaries to "less fortunate/less reached" countries, doing traditional missions work of church planting and bible schools.
We seek to address the "elephant in the room" - why is it that after over 2 Centuries of Modern Missions, most of the world religions are still largley un-impacted? We believe we can help you discover why!