Who we are

New Horizons started when Justin and Maxene Kuek left New Zealand for Malaysia in 1983 to undertake traditional missions work on the Island of Borneo.

From on church plant in 1983, the work quickly grew to 3 by the end of that year. This work was amongst the city people in Kuching, Malaysia, and the Bidayuh in the villages. Soon, the Ibans began to respond, and the work blossemed. In 1985, we started a short term Bible School that ran for 6 months, with  3 months of practical teaching and 3 months of actual church planting. In the 19 years that New Horizons was based in Borneo, the work quickly grew to 250 works!

However, we still had a niggling feeling that something was missing. While it was exciting to see the Ibans responding in this way and the churches being planted, we realised that the major religious groups of Hindu, Buddhist and the Muslim had been reletively un-touched.

We began to realise that the "Missions-Local Church" paradigm was that which was actually holding the work back. Thus began our journey...